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Women make ''The Bone Collector'' this weekend's standout hit

Denzel and Angelina more than double the takes for ”The Bachelor” and ”The Insider”

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Fall is the beginning of Oscar season, when audiences are supposed to start flocking to more serious films: But falling leaves be damned, audiences still have thrillers in their blood. ”The Bone Collector” easily landed in first place at the box office with an estimated $17.2 million, more than doubling ”The Bachelor”’s $8 million take for second place.

Neither of these films were particularly well received by reviewers — especially ”The Bachelor,” which was almost universally loathed. But the critically lauded ”The Insider” got smoked, taking in only $7 million for fourth place. (”House on Haunted Hill” beat it for third with $7.8 million, and it was followed by ”Double Jeopardy” in fifth with $4.5 million.) Disney expressed confidence in the future of its true-life tobacco-versus-”60 Minutes” tale, claiming it was the kind of movie that would grow with word of mouth. ”We knew that this was going to be about the public being our salesman,” Chuck Viane, president of Disney distribution, told Reuters. Let’s hope the public makes a better salesman than Mike Wallace.


Judging by EW readers’ votes, ”The Bone Collector”’s success owes a debt to the same female audience that made ”Double Jeopardy” a hit. Angelina Jolie as a take-action heroine was the main hook for women: Female EW readers gave the film an A, while males gave it only a B-.

But women are still suckers for a good romantic comedy — they gave ”The Bachelor” an A-, while men gave it only a pallid C. But the genders were a lot closer on ”The Insider,” with men giving it an A- and women giving it an A. Who would ever have thought that ”60 Minutes” would inspire the perfect date movie? To register your opinions on these and other current movies, visit Critical Mass Online.