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Foo Fighters' new video hits MTV

Their ”Learn to Fly” bit is raunchy fun

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Foo Fighters

It would seem impossible to make a slapstick music video with pilots and passengers getting stoned on hard drugs mid-flight — much less get such a clip on MTV. Yet the Foo Fighters have done both with ”Learn to Fly.” Director Jesse Peretz says Foo Fighter Dave Grohl wanted to do a parodic video. ”I had read an article about the American Airlines employees who were arrested for smuggling drugs in the catering carts,” says Peretz. ”One tip-off had been when heroin got into the coffee the pilots were drinking. It seemed too perfect not to use that.”

Since those drinking the tainted coffee in the clip exhibit reactions not normally associated with heroin use — like rolling about the aisles laughing hysterically — we have to wonder: What kind of dope was that? ”Just call it erotic world-domination sleeping powder or something,” cracks Grohl. And you thought his old band Nirvana was subversive….