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Red tide rising

A band finds fame online

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If you’ve spent any time on popular online music site MP3.com lately, you know the moody, trip-hoppy stylings of Red Delicious. After topping the site’s charts for weeks with nearly 500,000 downloads, the unsigned Pasadena-based darlings of the Winamp set have released their first CD, Emotional Blur (available at http://www.mp3.com). We recently chatted with the trio — keyboardist/drummer/programmer Rob King, 28; singer Sara Wallace, 23; and guitarist/bassist Steve Baca, ”30-ish” — about vinyl nostalgia, the price of Internet fame…and underwear auctions.

Entertainment Weekly: What’s the first record each of you ever bought?

Rob King: Men at Work, Business as Usual. That was my first vinyl. My mom had some eight-tracks.

Sara Wallace: My first record was the soundtrack to Xanadu. I still have it.

EW: Any experiences with crazy online fans?

Steve Baca: We played at the Troubadour [in L.A.] on Sunday night, and this one guy’s all, ”Hey, dude, I just got one question to ask you: Is she married? Boyfriend, girlfriend, all of the above?”

RK: We get e-mails all the time with marriage proposals.

SW: They never talk to me. They always go to you.

SB: You look like a star. Who would want to come up to you? They’d get shot down.

EW: What’s the weirdest website you’ve ever been to?

SW: Gothic Babe of the Week.

SB: …dot com?

SW: I’m serious. Every week there’s a new cute Goth chick. My boyfriend likes Goth girls so he showed this to me.

SB: I think eBay’s weird… There’s this guy selling his underwear. He’s still in them. He’s wearing them.

RK: What the hell word were you searching for when you found that?

SB: I was looking for Adidas.