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Mini-storage for online music

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One reason digital music isn’t as popular as cassettes or CDs is that it’s not very portable — the Walkman-like RioPort Player holds only about an hour of music, and lugging a hard drive to the gym is such a faux pas.

Even transporting MP3 files from work to home was a hassle until the advent of Web-based music warehousing. For example, My MP3 Storage.com (www.mymp3storage.com) lets you upload 50 megs of music — around 12 songs — from your hard drive to theirs for free, and then download it to a different computer. The same principle works at myplay (www.myplay.com), but the site promises an even better set of options: Instead of up- and downloading, you can simply grab a track from, say, EMusic.com, put it directly into their Web ”locker,” and listen to it without ever moving the file onto your hard drive. Myplay offers 250 megs of space — around 60 to 70 songs — for free, but more room will eventually cost you.

The ”locker” technology, which was created by two guys who met while working on Apple’s QuickTime development team, doesn’t automatically work with every type of music player, and there are still some kinks in the website-to-website file transfer. But myplay still takes some of the grunt work out of harmonic convergence.