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The Crazy Stranger

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The Crazy Stranger

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Drama, Foreign Language

We gave it a B+

Stephane, a curious Frenchman, is taken in by Izidor, a superstitious old Gypsy who believes the traveler is his lucky charm. Naturally, the Romanian villagers are suspicious of the outsider, but as he embraces their customs Stephane is genuinely transformed. It’s not the bawdy escapades that make the film (a.k.a. Gadjo Dilo) feel like gonzo documentary, it’s director Tony Gatlif’s thoughtful treatment of Gypsy persecution.

REEL GOODIES (0:52) Stephane pulls a MacGyver, constructing a crude phonograph to play the music of a Gypsy singer.

THE LAST DETAIL This is the last of Gatlif’s trilogy — which includes 1982’s Les Princes and 1993’s Latcho Drom — a paean to his Gypsy heritage. B+