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How much Sarah Michelle Gellar, M. Night Shyamalan and others make per flick

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In the wide, wide range of celebrity paydays, there are the kings of the multimillion-dollar mountain, and there are the footmen (and footwomen) just getting ready for the uphill climb. Based on various reports, here’s a sampling of checks currently in the Hollywood mail.

$20 mil plus

Nicolas Cage $20 million plus 15 percent of gross for Sixty Seconds
Tom Hanks $20 million for You’ve Got Mail
Julia Roberts $20 mil for Erin Brockovich
Mike Myers $20 mil offer to make Sprockets
Leonardo DiCaprio $20 mil for The Beach
Chris Tucker $45 mil for two pics is his rumored post-Rush Hour asking price.

$15-20 mil

Jodie Foster $15 million for Anna and the King

$10-15 mil

Cameron Diaz $12 million to be one of Charlie’s Angels
Brendan Fraser $10 mil was his post-Mummy asking price; getting $12 mil for The Wedding Planner.
M. Night Shyamalan $10 million to write and direct Unbreakable — up from his $3 million Sixth Sense fee

$5-10 mil

Kelsey Grammer $9.6 million, or $400,000 per show on a 24-episode season of Frasier
Drew Carey $7.8 million, or $300,000 per show on a 26-episode season of The Drew Carey Show
Gary Oldman $5 million for Lost in Space; $1 mil for just five days on CBS’ miniseries Jesus

$1-5 mil

Billy Crudup $1 million for upcoming untitled Cameron Crowe movie

Under $1 mil

Sarah Michelle Gellar $500,000 for Cruel Intentions ($30,000 an episode for 22 installments of Buffy)