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Hear And Now

This week on the music beat: Oct. 29, 1999

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BLOOD FEUD? In our Oct. 15 issue, EW reported on the controversy around ”Calling Out,” a hidden track on West Coast rapper Kurupt’s upcoming album, Streetz Iz a Mutha. It was feared the cut, which attacks East Coast rappers, including DMX and his posse, Ruff Ryders, and disses — without naming — Kurupt’s ex, Foxy Brown, would reignite rap’s coastal tensions. That uncertain peace may have been shattered on Oct. 17, when, according to police, two suspects fired on a crowd outside the studio where Kurupt was recording, killing the rapper’s security guard and wounding two others. The LAPD had no suspects or motives at press time, but several Internet music sites quoted a source at Kurupt’s label, ANTRA, as reportedly stating the song may have been a factor. A DMX spokesman denied any connection whatsoever to the shooting. In what the label says is its only official statement, ANTRA CEO Joe Marrone also refuted a lyrical link and expressed ”fervent hope that there be no more violence in the hip-hop community.” His peace offering? ANTRA will release Streetz Nov. 16, with the inflammatory track intact.

NEW DAY RISING Where do pile-driving riff makers go when the scene gets old? If you’re Sugar/ex-Husker Du frontman Bob Mould, the WCW, dude. The songwriter will serve as creative consultant to the WWF’s lagging competitor, working with writers to develop characters and story lines. ”I remember being 13 years old and walking by Andre the Giant,” says Mould. ”When you’re a little kid, that’s a lasting impression.” The wrestling aficionado believes a ”hipped-up” version of the sport could convert the techno-music set, but notes its natural synergy with macho rock. ”There’s a stage, there’s pyro, there’s guys working the crowd — it’s not too different from a Limp Bizkit show.” Ask the WCW about Mould and the response is, Husker who? ”I’ve never heard of the guy. He’s a musician?” said WCW publicist Alan Sharp before calling back to confirm Mould’s involvement. The singer says he even has a handle ready should he ever face Hulk Hogan in the ring: ”Wino Junko Schizo.”