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Curse of the Blair Witch

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Curse of the Blair Witch

Curse of the Blair Witch

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We gave it an A-

For what it’s worth, the ”Blair Witch Project”’s directors’ gleeful manufacturing of urban legend is more artfully on display in the pseudo-documentary Curse of the Blair Witch, which originally aired on the Sci-Fi Channel and hits video at the same time as the feature (the two are packaged together on DVD).

Both a back story to ”The Blair Witch Project” and a fraudulent PR masterpiece to rank with the Hitler diaries and P.T. Barnum’s Feejee Mermaid, ”Curse” is a 44-minute movie ad that never says it’s an ad — that concocts fake newscasts, archival film clips, and a hilariously trippy early-’70s documentary called ”Mystic Occurrences ”to buttress its case that ”The Blair Witch Project” is the real deal.

It’s required viewing if you want to understand the ”Blair Witch” phenomenon.