Chris Nashawaty
October 22, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Raising Caine

Maybe Sylvester Stallone has fond memories of their team-up on the 1981 wartime soccer epic, Victory. Or maybe Sly was just living up to the title of his new film, Get Carter. Either way, the actor has gotten the original Carter, Michael Caine, for his remake of the 1971 British crime flick. ”Sly felt it was very important to have him in this one because it just gives the film a lot of class,” says producer Elie Samaha.

Recalling his initial conversation with Caine, Samaha says, ”The first question he asked was ‘Who’s playing Carter?’ And we said ‘Sylvester Stallone,’ and he said, ‘Okay, you can count me in — make an offer.”’ But despite the presence of Swinging London’s former King of Cads and fellow U.K. natives Miranda Richardson and Alan Cumming, the $60 million thriller will take place on this side of the pond, following Stallone’s New York bookie Jack Carter as he navigates the seedy porn underworlds of Los Angeles and Las Vegas in search of his brother’s killer. In other words, you needn’t worry about Stallone attempting a Cockney accent.

Hannibal’s march

Ever since Thomas Harris’ sequel to The Silence of the Lambs hit bookstores, rumors surrounding the movie version of Hannibal have been as screwy as the top on a cheap bottle of Chianti. But here’s one new fact: Universal has just signed Oscar-winning screenwriter Steven Zaillian (Schindler’s List) to pen the script for director Ridley Scott. Universal president of production Kevin Misher says that Zaillian was tapped after David Mamet, who turned in a Hannibal draft, left to direct his own movie, State and Main. As for Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins, Misher says the duo is waiting to see Zaillian’s draft (which should be turned in next month) before deciding whether the lambs have stopped screaming for them. So when can we expect Dr. Lecter’s next reign of terror to hit theaters? ”Maybe late 2000, maybe 2001,” says Misher. ”The mantra is ‘Get it right,’ not ‘Get it quick.”’

Lust in space

On the (high) heels of signing on for Sony’s upcoming jiggle-TV homage Charlie’s Angels, Drew Barrymore is being mentioned for another kitschy sex-symbol revival — Barbarella. While the actress wasn’t even born when the original 41st-century fox, Jane Fonda, did her infamous zero-gravity striptease, Barrymore’s publicist says that she’s a huge fan of the 1968 sci-fi romp (directed by Fonda’s then husband, Roger Vadim). But a source says Warner Bros. — the studio that’s reported to have the inside track on the project — has yet to nail down the rights. Still, it can’t be a bad sign that Barrymore was recently said to be discussing the movie with Fonda at the annual Women in Film Crystal Awards luncheon. After all, Fonda’s current husband, Ted Turner, vice chairman of Time Warner (EW’s parent company), does have a little pull at the studio.

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