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Pop guns

Imaginary video games of the stars

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Step aside, David Bowie and Kiss: Video games don’t just star aging rock fossils anymore. Inspired by the Backstreet Boys’ ditzy diversion, Puzzles in Motion (Ravensburger Interactive, $19.99), we came up with a few CD-ROM collaborations for other artists who are at the top of their game.

Artist Britney Spears Game and concept “Mouseketeer Mayhem” The kid gloves — and the funny mouse ears — are off. Communist litterbugs have taken over Disney World and it’s up to former ‘teer Spears to bring order back to the Magic Kingdom.

Artist Ricky Martin Game and concept “Ricky Racing” The Latin heartthrob is livin’ la vida locomotive as he tries to outrun a stampede of hysterical girls in the New York City subway system.

Artist Garth Brooks Game and concept “Virtual Makeover” Now you too can give yourself a Chris Gaines-esque face-lift and become a pseudo-pop star. Just scan in your photo, and Makeover will construct a whole new persona for you. Ego not included.

Artist Mariah Carey Game and concept “Bonebreaker” Liked the catfight between good and evil Mariah in the ”Heartbreaker” video? There’s more chopsocky action in this fighting game. Other combatants include Tommy Mottola, Derek Jeter, and Whitney Houston.

Artist Limp Bizkit Game and concept “Bizkit Blaster” Quake, Fred Durst-style. The agitated metal rapper melts enemies’ ears off with Parental Advisory-stamped lyrics. Network version allows you to incite other players to riot and trash their own online banking accounts.