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Love potion No. 5

Romance rules from Mambo No. 5’s Lou Bega

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Not getting lucky? Pop phenom Lou Bega, of ”Mambo No. 5” fame, sure is. His saucy serenade to Monica, Erica, Rita, et al. has hit No. 1 in 18 countries. Contrary to popular belief, the singer is not the latest Latino lover boy: He’s actually of Ugandan/Sicilian heritage. In any case, he’s well versed in the language of love. Here are his top pickup tips.

Lettuce entertain you: ”There’s too much pressure at bars. If you try to pick up a girl in a supermarket, they believe you mean it — and sometimes they’re right.”

Wear for art thou?: ”You shouldn’t look like trash. The first thing people see is your outside…. Try a hat — hats work.”

Play the odds: ”If you’re in a bar with 100 girls, at least three of them should fit your dream. If one rejects you, go to the next. Don’t waste time.”

Kick out the slow jams: ”I like old classic music — Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing.’ I wouldn’t put on rock, techno, or rap.”

The grand gesture: ”Once I rented a tent and set up a beautiful candlelight dinner in the forest for a girl.”

Shake your groove thang: ”If you’re dancing in a club and can’t move your feet — no way. Take dance lessons.”

Flirt: ”Tell me, is my accent turning you on?”

Become an international pop sensation: ”I met 50 girls yesterday. I’m not trying to pick up girls, I’m doing it.”