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Day at the Beach

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Writer-director Veronis leads the largely unknown cast of A Day at the Beach, a dreary discount indie about some young blue-collar New Yorkers on a fateful lark in the Hamptons. The darkly comic casualties include a fisherman who gets fatally beaned by a flying briefcase and a retired ravioli maker who has stolen a bundle of Mob money — but such plot points are almost incidental to the generally dawdling proceedings, devoted mostly to the actors’ bland improvisations of barely written roles.
REEL GOODIES (0:31) Veteran character actor Paul Gleason (The Breakfast Club) makes a thankless cameo as a detective.
THE LAST DETAIL Jane Adams, woefully under-utilized here as a wife along for the ride, was previously seen, to much better advantage, in the suburbia-skewering Happiness. She’s currently a shrink in Mumford.