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The Showrunners

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The Showrunners

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David Wild
Pop Culture, Television

We gave it a B-

Veteran Rolling Stone scribe David Wild spent the ’98-99 season shadowing several television producers at work; the result is a chatty, informal look at the industry’s behind-the-scenes machinations. In his effort to illuminate television’s kill-in-the-ratings-or-be-killed atmosphere, however, some of the struggling series Wild chooses to chronicle are pretty far off readers’ radar — for example, ABC’s short-lived Cupid and UPN’s Seven Days (how many people even know that show exists?) — which doesn’t always make for scintillating backstage drama. While those who follow the business with any regularity will find the information in Showrunners as relevant as last week’s Variety, newcomers interested in a primer on the TV biz can get a crash course with a quick read.