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Morning, Noon and Night

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Morning, Noon and Night

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Spalding Gray

We gave it a C

Who’d have thought this edgy performer would ever settle down? Yet in Morning, Noon, and Night, Gray embraces midlife fatherhood, monogamy, and lawn mowing. Following the strained ski metaphors and self-induced traumas of It’s a Slippery Slope — wherein the raconteur detailed how he dumped his new wife after impregnating his girlfriend — here Gray moves in with said girlfriend and starts to ”play at being the ‘family man.”’ But since domesticity actually agrees with him, Gray lacks grist for his trademark run-on ruminations — so he indulges in annoying riffs on ATM machines and Barney. For better or worse, Gray’s traded his neurotic Manhattanite shtick for solipsism in the suburbs.