September 10, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Anonymous Rex

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Eric Garcia
, Fiction, Mystery and Thriller
We gave it an A

A detective thriller featuring a velociraptor PI and a secret society of dinosaurs disguised as humans? Sounds really dumb, but Garcia’s awesomely funny Anonymous Rex could become one of this fall’s sleeper hits. Vincent Rubio has a washed-up Los Angeles detective agency, lousy credit, and a dead partner — on top of an addiction to basil and a hard time keeping his tail tucked away in his latex human suit. A routine arson investigation promises to get him back on his (clawed) feet, until the case sends him to New York, the scene of his partner’s suspicious death by runaway taxi. Witty, fast-paced detective work makes for a good mystery, but the story’s sly, seamlessly conceived dinosaur underworld contains all the elements of a cult classic.

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