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Send-ups of ''Blair Witch'' proliferate on the tube

The MTV Video Music Awards show is just the latest to capitalize on the buzz

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Chris Rock, Janeane Garofalo

The ultra-profitable ”Blair Witch Project” is threatening to break a new record: The Most Spoofed Film of All Time. The tube is littered with ”Blair” homages: Countless promos for various shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and ESPN do takeoffs on the lost-in-the-woods concept.

Indeed, the sheer number of parodies is so frightening, MTV is running a parody of the parodies: Spots for the Video Music Awards show Chris Rock and Janeane Garofalo venturing into the woods to shoot a satirical promo, only to find other networks doing the same thing.

And of course, a cauldronful of wannabe filmmakers have whipped up short satires to impress producers or studio execs. ”Everyone and their gynecologist is making one,” says Paula Goldberg, director of ”The Blair Princess Project” (three prissy girls in search of a wedding).

Among the others: ”The Blair Hype Project” (three students seek a Blair movie ticket); ”The Watts Bitch Project” (three white kids look for a legendary ”crack ho”); and ”The Blair Witch Ripoff” (three filmmakers keep running into other camera crews in the woods). Says ”Ripoff” codirector Aaron Lee: ”Hopefully after this one nobody will want to watch another fake documentary based on a fake documentary ever again.”