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Sarah Jessica Parker's favorite leading man isn't her hubby

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Sarah Jessica Parker
Craig Blankenhorn

Cruise and Kidman, Willis and Moore, Taylor and Burton — in Hollywood, any couple that lasts long enough to get a script into development eventually gets lured into taking the lovebird antics on screen. But not Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. ”We talk about it all the time, but we haven’t found the right thing,” says Parker, who plays Brendan Fraser’s leading lady in ”Dudley Do-Right” (now in theaters). ”It has to be something we feel is great if we’re going to blow the wad.”

Speaking of that sort of thing, would she have considered this year’s hottest couple collaboration, ”Eyes Wide Shut?” ”Can you imagine saying no to Stanley Kubrick? I certainly couldn’t,” says Parker. ”But we have not displayed affection that way, and it hasn’t been our nature, so it’s hard to imagine.” Parker feels that even a less revealing film than ”Eyes” might be a mistake for the couple. ”The thing I keep thinking is, do we really want to do this in front of the American public? And sometimes I think maybe we shouldn’t, that it’s too private, unless we’re in a film where we’re not playing opposite each other.”

As for Broderick, he may want to nix an on-screen pairing for entirely different reasons. According to his 34-year-old bride, it won’t be easy for any actor to follow in the footsteps of her ”Sex in the City” costar Chris Noth, who plays the dashing Mr. Big opposite her New York City sex columnist character, Carrie. ”He’s ruined me for other men on the show in a lot of ways,” says Parker. ”He’s a big, grown-up man, not a boy. He’s not pretty, he’s kind of messy. He’s vulgar occasionally, and he’s a really good actor. There’s a feminine quality about a lot of actors, where they’re not men first, they’re actors first, and vain. But Chris Noth is just a guy. I simply love him.” Still, Broderick has no worries about measuring up to Mr. Big in real life. ”Matthew’s very secure,” says Parker. ”As he should be.”