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Charlie Sheen can't shake his troubled past

The star is dogged by a lawsuit and a failed TV show, but his father says he’s survived the worst

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Charlie Sheen
Stephen Trupp/Star Max

Where would the tabloids be without Charles (you might remember him as Charlie) Sheen? Less than a year after the ”Platoon” star kicked drugs and confessed his sins on ABC’s ”20/20,” the inveterate bad boy is back in the headlines. Last week two porn actresses, Erin Sieman and Christina Stramaglia, accused the actor of ordering his bodyguard Zippy (no, we didn’t make this up) to assault them after they made an unannounced visit to Sheen’s Malibu home. Sheen — whose lawyer has strongly denied the allegations — is being sued for battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence.

To add insult to injuries, the 33-year-old actor has also learned his career comeback is on the rocks. His much-hyped venture into sitcoms, the cop comedy ”Sugar Hill,” didn’t make ABC’s fall schedule despite a high-profile producer (”Spin City”’s Gary David Goldberg) and costar Joe Pantoliano (”The Matrix”). The series allegedly fell prey to politics. ”It got lost in that horrible fight between Katzenberg and that Disney guy, Michael Eisner,” explains Sheen’s father, ”West Wing” star Martin Sheen.

If all of this sounds like enough to send the actor back to a regimen of dames and drugs, guess again. The elder Sheen, who last year took out an arrest warrant on his son to force him into rehab, is convinced his prodigal offspring is clean for good despite recent setbacks. ”He’s come so far,” the 59-year-old actor says. Sheen credits the intervention of a higher power with helping Charles change his ways. ”About a year before he started his recovery, I started praying to God for him to use me for the miracle,” he says. ”It turned out I was the only one, when it came down to the last moment of pulling back from the brink, who had the power to do it and the information to do it. And I did.”