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The Ricky Martin chronicles

The Ricky Martin chronicles — A slew of new books look at the former Menudo member’s vida loca

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Sure, he used to be best known for his prepubescent Menudo stint and subsequent tenure as General Hospital‘s hunk du jour, but today Ricky Martin is an international star. And to prove it, the highlighted, hip-grinding heir apparent to Leonardo DiCaprio has now braved a heartthrob rite of passage: the quickie bio. Here are the clip jobs that have swooning Ricky aficionados alé, alé, alé-ing to the bookstore.

Ricky Martin: Livin’ the Crazy Life by Kristin Sparks
Pages 120
Bilingual (English and Spanish versions bound together)? Yes
On Love ”Female fans take note. This romantic guy is single again. And sometime, someplace… He might be kissing you!”
Bonus The book discloses that Ricky touches his hair when he’s nervous.
Rating One Star

Ricky Martin: Livin’ La Vida Loca by Letisha Marrero
Pages 112
Bilingual? Yes
On Love ”Ricky lost his virginity at age twelve to his first love, whom he met during his first year in Menudo.”
Bonus Includes a surprisingly informative glossary of Latin musical beats, such as the bolero and merengue.
Rating Four Stars

Ricky Martin: Red-Hot and on the Rise! by Kathleen Tracy
Pages 173
Bilingual? No
On Love ”Although Ricky readily admits he has nothing against fun, playful sex…he prefers the sensual side of romance.”
Bonus Contains an obviously staged series of Ricky photos, accompanied by equally cheesy captions, such as ”Call me” and ”Hunk at home.”
Rating Two Stars

Ricky Martin: The Captivating Story of the Sexy Singing Sensation by Elina Furman
Pages 150
Bilingual? No
On Love ”Although he had plenty of girlfriends during Menudo, Ricky never learned how to develop a healthy and stable relationship.”
Bonus Somehow procured a shot of Ricky with a bad (thankfully short-lived), Elton John-style haircut.
Rating Three Stars

Ricky Martin: Rockin’ the House! by Nancy Krulik
Pages 147
Bilingual? No
On Love ”Part of being a man is conquering,” Ricky confides. ”It’s just being able to say, ‘O.K., I’m a man and I want to conquer you now. Let me do that, please.”
Bonus Provides the website address for Asian Friends of Ricky Martin.
Rating Two Stars