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Movies in the works

Movies in the works — From warring pets to brothels, a look at some unusual plots being developed at major studios

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The siamese twins of Twin Falls Idaho threaten to become unglued when one brother falls for a prostitute. But, you know, stranger movies have happened — and more could be on the way. Get a load of these projects recently in development at major studios:

When Boomer Met Sophie When their owners become romantically involved, a cat and dog who despise each other must resolve their differences. (Buena Vista)

Glengarry Glen Girl Scouts The door-to-door cookie industry gets a satirical skewering. (DreamWorks)

Revelations The Yugoslav infant adopted by an American couple turns out to be the child of Satan. (Fox)

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch A distaff teenage version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (New Line)

Peace of Mind This buddy flick pairs an action hero with a partner reminiscent of Rain Man. (Warner Bros.)

Ghost in the Closet A gay spectre goes a-haunting. (Fox 2000)

Boys R Us In this comedy, described as ”The First Wives Club meets Risky Business,” a pair of middle-aged Long Island women open a brothel staffed with young college guys. (Fox)

The House of the Dead Goths murder frat boys and turn them into zombies. (DreamWorks)

Hannibal No, not the Silence of the Lambs sequel; this is about the ancient Carthaginian general. (Sony)

Hannibal No, still not the Silence of the Lambs sequel; this is about a trek through the Alps on elephants. (Warner Bros.)