Jim Mullen
July 30, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

1 Bill Gates
His net worth just hit $100 billion, but you’d never know it. He acts like he only has $1 billion.

2 The Haunting
Four people have to spend the night in an eerie, creepy old house. It was originally called Visiting the Parents.

3 Umpires
They say they’ll strike on Sept. 2 unless baseball owners give them what they want: free glasses.

4 The Blair Witch Project
The low-budget, high-profit movie is the scariest thing some people have seen. And most of those people are studio heads.

5 Inspector Gadget
Matthew Broderick can transform himself into any mechanical device instantly. It’s ugly when he makes latte, though.

6 mp3.com
Why buy CDs when you can get them free off the Internet? Because you might want something by someone you’ve heard of.

7 Star Trek
Stars from the original series are on a multistate autograph tour. You get 10 percent off if you’re over 35, single, and still live with your parents.

8 Roseanne
NBC-owned stations yanked the low-rated talk show. It never rose to the standards of Ricki’s and Sally’s.

9 100 Greatest Women of Rock & Roll
VH1 is feeling the heat on this. Marilyn Manson is angry he was left out.

10 Global warming
Alarmists worry about a few muggy days. And the record storms, the droughts, the flash floods …

11 Brandy
The 20-year-old Moesha star wants UPN to cough up more scratch. Ah, our baby’s all grown up now.

12 Jerry Springer
The Democrats want him to run for Senate in Ohio. But maybe he’d like to do something reputable for a change.

13 Jackie Chiles
There was talk that the Johnnie Cochran-like lawyer character would be the first spin-off from Seinfeld. It would’ve been about nothing — but would have cost $200 an hour.

14 Centennial
It’s Hemingway’s 100th birthday this month. Gee, I thought Mariel was a lot younger than that.

15 Jesse Ventura
He’ll do a guest spot on a soap opera. That should prep him for a run at the White House.

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