Rob Brunner
July 30, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Q: In light of the recent drug arrest of erstwhile teen idol Leif Garrett, what will VH1 do with its high-rated, much-buzzed-about Behind the Music episode on the faded ’70s star, who claims on camera that his drug woes are behind him?

A: The music network has done updates on Behind subjects in the past — shows on John Denver, Sonny Bono, and Milli Vanilli’s Rob Pilatus were all revised after they died. But Garrett’s case, which involves a relapse rather than a death, is more complicated. His Behind episode — which last aired on June 27, two days before Garrett’s arrest — features the rocker emotionally recounting his triumphs over substance abuse; the highlight of the show is a dramatic reunion between a sober Garrett and his childhood friend Roland Winkler, who was paralyzed after an intoxicated Garrett crashed the car they were riding in. VH1 is actively trying to amend the piece, but as a network spokesperson notes, ”We obviously need an interview to do that.” Garrett has yet to cooperate (he didn’t return ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s calls), but the network hopes to make contact and film new material within the next few weeks — the episode is scheduled to air again on Aug. 18.

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