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Real trailers for fake movies

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”David Stone had it all,” the voice-over intones as the trailer begins. ”A great job. A new phone. And a woman of his dreams. Until one day he lost his head.” Unlike a lot of Hollywood films, the trailer for The Man With No Head, a love story about a decapitated car-crash victim, is supposed to sound over-the-top. It’s one of more than a dozen parodies on Trailervision (http://www.trailervision.com), a streaming audio-video site that deftly — and, sometimes, hilariously — lampoons the bombastic sizzle of the average 90-second movie clip. Created by Toronto director Albert Nerenberg, 36, Trailervision features teasers for a variety of genre flicks that don’t exist. In the clip for the male-sexploitation film Girls Rule, riot grrrls run the planet, cancel Monday Night Football, and drag men on leashes after a world war. Y2K satirizes disaster movies with a hypothetical millennial meltdown. Nerenberg, known in Canada for his Michael Moore-meets-Tom Green-style man-in-the-street interviews on television, hopes Trailervision will bring him a wider audience that appreciates the crass absurdity of Tinseltown self-promotion. ”Trailers are a medium for the next millennium,” Nerenberg enthuses, ”fast, furious, and delivered in a bite-size, downloadable format.” Next up: The Murder of Jar Jar Binks. Coming never to a theater near you.