Jim Mullen
July 23, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

1 U.S. Women’s soccer team
Who would have dreamed women’s sports could have been this successful? Without wet T-shirts, that is.

2 Woodstock 99
A not-so-huge concert in upstate New York. Celebrating the fifth anniversary of Woodstock 25.

3 Elton John
Doctors have put a pacemaker in the rocker. He only let them do it when they told him it was from Cartier.

4 Disney
The studio has settled with Jeffrey Katzenberg for an undisclosed sum. And the promise that no one under 5’2” will play him in any ABC movie-of-the-week about it.

5 Eyes Wide Shut
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have sex on a 70-foot-wide screen. And they say the tabloids invade their privacy?

6 Jesse Ventura
The governor is planning a one-night wrestling match in August. He won’t make a final decision till he sees the script.

7 The Beatles
It’s rumored that the Fab Remaining Three plan to sing together publicly for the first time in 30 years. The bad news? Screaming grandmothers.

8 Pennies
How can there be a shortage? Thoughts must be up to a quarter by now.

9 White like them
None of this fall’s 26 new network shows stars a minority. And one of them is Roots: The Series.

10 Mike Wallace
He doesn’t like how he’s portrayed in an upcoming film. They don’t show his tender side.

11 Candie’s
The company’s latest ad has been banned by several TV stations for being too sexy. Next year: prime time.

12 Mr. Whipple
He’s been dragged out to sell toilet paper as if it were a momentous occasion. But if you remember him, you’re probably wearing a diaper.

13 Drop Dead Gorgeous
A film about the backstabbing in beauty pageants. It’s good practice for getting into showbiz.

14 Oprah
She’s starting a magazine that reflects her interests. One month it will weigh one pound; the next month, two and a half.

15 Colored tires
Goodyear’s new product is a car tire with bright stripes in the tread. For people who want that ”I just hit something” look.

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