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Check out our glossary to find out what the latest showbiz slang actually mean

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They sure do talk funny out there in Hollywood. For those who want to speak like a player, here’s a Berlitz of the latest showbiz slang.

The Gary Coleman GAR-ee KOLE-man n. A three-foot-high stand found on movie sets; used as a platform for lighting equipment. (”We gotta get a shot of the infant — get me the Gary Coleman!”)

Preditor PREH-dih-tore n. One hired to serve as both producer and editor on a TV show. (”It’s a tight budget; let’s get a preditor.”)

Snickerless SNICK-er-less adj. A less-than-stellar craft-services spread. (”It’s not worth it; the table is Snickerless.”)

No-Pre NO-pree n. In the world of talk shows, a witty and engaging guest who doesn’t need to do the required preinterview. (”George Clooney is a no-pre.”)