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Rating movies and their websites

See what we thought about ”American Pie,” ”South Park,” ”Wild Wild West,” and more

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American Pie
Movie Grade: B
Website Grade: B-
Four horny teenagers try to lose their virginity, but at least they can blame it on youth. The dull website, despite audio-video clips, photos, and trailers, has no such excuse.

Arlington Road
Movie Grade: B+
Website Grade: B+
The site shares the film’s “personnel” (Jeff Bridges, Tim Robbins, Joan Cusack) and conspiracy plot via a cyber-cool interface of beeps, TelePrompTer text, and “accessing data” messages. Shallow but neat.

South Park
Movie Grade: A-
Website Grade: A
Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, Stan, and even Chef come to life on the big screen and wreak havoc online in three superb Shockwave games: Freedom Fighter, Kick the Baby, and Cartmangotchi.

Summer of Sam
Movie Grade: C
Website Grade: C Spike Lee’s film follows the hunt for the 1977 serial killer; now it’s time to hunt down whoever let the website’s brief synopsis and two lame photos languish like so many abandoned victims.

Wild Wild West
Movie Grade: D+
Website Grade: A
A big budget can’t save the film, but it sure helps beef up the site, proving that gimmicks — like screensavers, an interactive costume game, a gadget slide show, and ILM sketches — work online only.