Jim Mullen
July 16, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

1 R-rated movies
Some movie theaters aren’t checking IDs the way they promised. So go complain to the 16-year-old manager.

2 Powerball
A 21-year-old Minnesotan won the entire $150 million jackpot. Now she knows how Bill Gates feels on a bad day.

3 American Pie
Maybe the most disgusting, corrosive, immoral teen gross-out movie ever made. It’ll make a fortune.

4 Muppets from Space
They couldn’t release the new kiddie movie under its original title — Star Wars: Episode II.

5 Pamela Anderson Lee
Loni Anderson will play her mother on V.I.P. ”I remember the day you were born. I thought you were twins.”

6 Two of a Kind finale
The Olsen twins die a slow death trapped in a fiery elevator crash. Or was that just a pleasant dream?!

7 George Jones
The country star’s wrecked SUV is on display as a message to all drivers: Watch out for George Jones.

8 Posh Spice
A marriage made in heaven: Her soccer-star husband isn’t allowed to use his hands, she can’t use her brain.

9 Amitabh Bachchan
He’s been voted the greatest screen star of the millennium by BBC News Online users. But that publicity hound Larry Olivier gets all the press.

10 Arlington Road
Jeff Bridges thinks his neighbor is a terrorist. Or maybe he’s just a wacky, fun-loving gun collector.

11 Blues Traveler
Portly singer John Popper was hospitalized for chest pains. Preventing him from entering the annual hot dog eating contest at Coney Island.

12 Beverly Hillbillies casino
The latest planned Reno vulgarity. It was rushed through before something tasteful could be built there by mistake.

13 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
There’s a surefire way to keep your teens from watching this week’s controversial season finale. Tell them you liked it.

14 Intern Appreciation Day
Here’s a buck. Go get yourself a card.

15 The bald eagle
The U.S. symbol is off the endangered species list. If only its favorite snack wasn’t spotted owls.

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