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Monty Python Speaks!

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Monty Python Speaks!

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David Morgan
Movies, Pop Culture, Comic Novels, Television

We gave it an A

Talk about your Argument Clinics: The list of internecine grievances stretches from here to Camelot in Monty Python Speaks!, a witheringly honest oral history of the brilliant comedy troupe. From their university-revue days at Cambridge and Oxford through last year’s reunion in Aspen, the five surviving Pythons (Graham Chapman died in 1989) dissect their quarrels and clashing personalities, which somehow resulted in groundbreaking comedy. But David Morgan extracts the mutual respect beneath the grumbling: Nearly every Python’s complaint about another ends with a sincere nod to the offender’s brilliant writing. As John Cleese puts it, ”We really make each other laugh more than anyone else makes us laugh.” A