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July 09, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Our cover story on Austin Powers (#489, June 11) elicited enough groovy, shagadelic, and yeah, baby references to make us scream behave! As for Susan Rudner of Schaumburg, Ill., one look at our piece on The Sopranos — more specifically our photo of star and unlikely sex symbol James Gandolfini — and she wanted to misbehave: ”To say it sucked the air out of my lungs would be an understatement. Ladies, the line forms at the rear. And no pushing!” Sounds like a mob hit to us. Nino Testo of Akron, Ohio, on the other hand, wants us to behave: ”Imagine my surprise after reading the article on The Real World Hawaii that the entire trip was revealed! Thanks for spoiling a season of dysfunction, fighting, and fun.” Nino, there’s always Springer.

Mojo Madness
Great job on getting beyond the body hair and big teeth and revealing the true genius that is Mike Myers. I know mine won’t be the only letter calling your coverage of the Austin Powers sequel shagadelic…but it was, baby!
Derek Peel

Is it hypocrisy or ignorance that leads you to censor the word bulls— while liberally sprinkling shag throughout your article on the new Austin Powers movie? While bulls— may offend the sensibilities of your American readers, the word shag, in certain parts of the U.K., is considered an epithet even stronger than the F-word. In my hometown in the U.K., if you want to be mildly offensive, you use the F-word; to really offend someone you use the shag word.
David Dixon
Glendale, Calif.

Thank you so much for your cover story on Austin Powers. Unlike the majorly disappointing Star Wars film, Mike Myers and director Jay Roach have absolutely outdone themselves with The Spy Who Shagged Me. Austin Powers definitely has his mojo! Memo to George Lucas: I’ll take Heather Graham’s sexy, saucy, red-hot (and real) Felicity Shagwell over the annoying, unfunny, computer-generated Jar Jar Binks any day.
Tony J. Severino
Haddonfield, N.J.

Race Wars
”Good clean Sci-Fi fun” (News & Notes)? Give me a break. How dare Lucasfilm blow off the accusation of racial stereotyping by reminding us that ”at the end of the day, this is a fantasy”? Let me remind you, Lucasfilm, that at the end of the day we are left with the Jamaican as a foolish caricature, the Jew as a cheap miser, and the Asian as a low-rent villain.

I find this disgusting and unacceptable, and while some are speaking out against such portrayals, most are passively giggling at what seems like an inherent irony, buying in to your reinforcement of these ancient stereotypes. And then to have the audacity to suggest that they don’t exist? For a timeless epic, this movie already seems hopelessly dated.
Jennifer Rolnick

All the rage
Kudos to all those involved in the writing of ”The Hollywood Ten.” We have to start looking at the families that these troubled people are coming from. You don’t like what your kid is watching on TV? Turn it off. Don’t like the music they listen to? Check their CD collection and remove the distasteful albums. The fact is, a kid doesn’t walk into a movie theater as Beaver Cleaver and come out as Norman Bates.
Roger Bainbridge
Stittsville, Ontario

One album probably won’t hurt anybody. One movie probably won’t hurt anybody. One drink probably won’t hurt anybody. But if you drink and drink, day after day, most likely someone will end up dead. Get the picture?
Scott Kurtz

Get a Life
Oh, puh-leeze! only those without a real life need to watch this stale creation called The Real World. Sure, the kickoff season was everything that TV should be: fresh, creative, and very experimental. But after the seventh house idiot, the seventh are-they-or-aren’t-they house couple, the seventh too-PC trite topic brought up by the seventh bored Gen-X cast mate, it’s time to ix-nay on the uck-Pay! We don’t need an eighth season. Really, if I wanted to see alcoholic bisexuals, ruined relationships, shameless sex and nudity, and souped-up business ventures that never quite work out, I’d look to my own vida loca. From the real real world…
Risa S. Barisch
Harrisburg, Pa.

CORRECTION: The Atari Historical Society’s Web address is www.atari-history.com (EW Internet, What to Surf).

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