Vanessa V. Friedman
June 18, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Someone to Watch Over Me

Current Status
In Season
Tom Berenger, Mimi Rogers, Lorraine Bracco, Jerry Orbach
Ridley Scott

We gave it an A-

The essential mystery at the heart of every relationship is the subject of the 12 stories in Someone to Watch Over Me. What draws people together? What drives them apart? Revenge, boredom, sex — they’re all here. There’s the careless pair at the heart of ”Glass Meadow,” parents whose love for each other is so all-consuming they don’t see what it does to their two sons. And there’s the man in ”Valor,” estranged from his wife, who saves a busload of children but can’t save his own marriage. The landscape of the heart depicted here is less bleak than it sounds; what drives these stories is the belief that love is reachable just around the bend. A-

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