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Jar Jar Binks stinks

The much maligned ”Phantom Menace” character, gets a digital scathing

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Binks bites. That’s the Internet stance on Phantom Menace sidekick Jar Jar Binks. With a collective Ewwww!, moviegoers have been snapping up domain names like jarjarsucks.com and jarjarbites.com. The former posts bitter jeremiads against the creature (”If Jar Jar Binks were drowning, I would throw him a stone”), while the latter plans a Secret Club for Gungan haters. Yahoo! has created an anti-Jar Jar category, whose sites sing a similar refrain: The computer-generated character ruined the film with frequent forays into unfunny slapstick. To remedy this, pages like Jar Jar Must Die (diediediejarjar.com) have created blood-lusting pictorials (think Jar Jar getting poisoned by Qui-Gon Jinn). That site also offers the MP3 of Damn Nation’s ”Jar Jar Binks Must Die!”: ”He’s got big freakin’ ears, and eyes like a bug/Every time I eat a taco I see his ugly mug.” Note to Binks: Yousa better watch your back.