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Heather Graham loses her sex drive

The ‘Austin Powers’ star tells EW Online that her vamp image will soon be an alien thing

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Heather Graham
Norman Jean Roy/Corbis-Outline

Having played a roller-skating porn queen in ”Boogie Nights” and one side of a steamy love triangle in ”Two Girls and a Guy,” Heather Graham was a shoe-in (or is that shoe-off?) to play sexy secret agent Felicity Shagwell in ”Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.” But even though she accepted the part, Graham, 29, says she isn’t so hot to trot her sexy image on screen anymore. ”I always felt like, ‘Hey, why don’t people think of me as sexy?’ But now that people think of me that way, I want to play normal parts,” she tells EW Online. ”I don’t want to play the sexy part, I want to play the mother part or something.”

Of course, writhing her way through ”Austin” in little more than mesh and hot pants won’t exactly put her in the lead for upcoming hausfrau roles, nor will an upcoming part as an aspiring actress who ”basically sleeps her way to the top” in the August 27 Eddie Murphy/Steve Martin film, ”Bowfinger.”

But these may be the last vixens Graham plays for a while. In fact, she may actually succeed in wiping out Rollergirl’s legacy for good with ”Alien Love Triangle,” which has just wrapped shooting. Starring opposite Kenneth Branagh and Courteney Cox, Graham plays an alien with ”a green bald head, pointy ears, big eyes, and long fingers.” Even so, the film may pack some perverted punch for those who like their lovin’ on the way-out side. ”Courteney Cox plays my husband, an alien who’s in the body of a female,” explains Graham, who must try to rescue her husband from Earth. Come to think of it, even with Graham’s green getup, a love connection between these actresses probably won’t alienate most guys.