Caren Weiner Campbell
June 11, 1999 AT 04:00 AM EDT

24 frames per second
This streamlined journal from Seattle cineastes Kirk Hostetter and Patrick Stroud offers commentary on current releases that’s so intelligent and low-key it feels like you’re sitting around talking flicks with your buddies. Readers contribute essays on directors (Stanley Kubrick, Robert Altman), genres (Westerns, sci-fi), the industry, and lists of their favorite 24 movies. (The biggest vote getter–Citizen Kane at press time — earns the site’s Golden Elk award.) To paraphrase Spencer Tracy, describing Katharine Hepburn in Pat and Mike, “Not much meat…but what’s there is is cherce.” A

Castboy’s Unofficial Guide to Hollywood Babylon
Casting agent Billy DaMota (Above the Law) exhibits souvenirs of his Hollywood tenure: Polaroids of actors like Madeleine Stowe, photos of himself with the likes of Heather Locklear. Keep an eye on Billy with his Dramacam–or just watch the slide-show highlights. A-

Elizabeth’s Classic Movie Homepage
During the three years Elizabeth Anthony spent building this tribute to the Golden Age of the Silver Screen, she was a student at Princeton–yet still managed to write bios and collect photos and links for 80 stars. Not bad for a kid. A

A handsome, useful fansite devoted to teen-culture juggernaut Kevin Williamson (Dawson’s Creek). Webmaster Megan Anderson gathers articles, fan fiction, and a filmography into an elegantly simple archive. Aficionados will Scream with delight. A

Voice Chasers
The indexes are badly designed, but you can still uncover worthwhile nuggets about many animation voice actors here. Who knew that Cloris Leachman lent her voice to Beavis and Butt-head Do America? B

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