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A ''Late Show'' bloomer

This ex-NYPD cop found a new beat to walk as a production assistant on the David Letterman’s talk show

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Gone are ex-cop Mike McIntee’s days of telling crime-fighting stories. Now his harrowing tales are about being beaned with a canned ham on Late Show With David Letterman. Eight years after leaving the NYPD with an injured knee, McIntee, a 41-year-old production assistant, writes daily behind-the-scenes updates for Late Show‘s online Wahoo Gazette (marketing.cbs.com/lateshow/pantsnews/wahoo). His wry, showbiz-deflating diaries veer from describing his eternal struggle with the office Xerox machine to a criticism of guest David Schwimmer’s beat-up shoes. But McIntee’s role hasn’t gone to his head. “To all my ex-girlfriends, look at me now!” he says. “I’m a production assistant!”