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An unauthorized slice of ''American Pie''

A graphic clip edited out of the original theatrical run of the Jason Biggs’ comedy ends up online

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Yes, that guy is about to have ”relations” with an apple pie. The jaw-dropping video clip, posted at a very unofficial film fansite (http://www.firstpiece.com), is a stolen slice of Universal Pictures’ American Pie, a teen comedy due out in July. More significantly, it’s a scene meant for the cutting-room floor: To avoid an NC-17 rating, the finished film only implies a boy-meets-pastry incident. Universal spokeswoman Terry Curtin says that the 22 seconds are from ”an early, early, early rough print of the film” and that the so-called tribute site is ”absolutely” unauthorized. One would guess: The clip, which shows actor Jason Biggs’ bare tush, is accompanied by a cheeky ”Days Universal Hasn’t Shut Us Down” countdown. The site is registered to a Dominique Santini in Reseda, Calif., but e-mails are returned as undeliverable and a phone listing for Santini rings an out-of-service mobile number. Says Curtin: ”It’s definitely somebody close to the inside. How they got ahold of that material is really disturbing, less for Internet issues than for piracy issues.” Even more disturbing? We’ve just watched someone having sex with dessert.