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Teensploitation comes to VHS

Movies such as ”Wishful Thinking,” and ”Telling You” are being released to cash in on the youthful trend

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The teensploitation-movie boomlet trickles down to tape this summer, courtesy of Miramax. In June there’s Wishful Thinking, a 1995 romance starring teen fave Drew Barrymore, who’s now 24 (her costars are even older: Jon Stewart, 36, James Le Gros, 37, and Jennifer Beals, 35). On July 20, the company will release 1997’s Telling You, a reheated Mystic Pizza featuring actors invariably described as ”hot young stars” — Jennifer Love Hewitt and Matthew Lillard chief among them. ”It’s only helping me,” says Telling‘s rookie director, Robert DeFranco, of his casting. ”These guys are doing really well.” To see how well, wait for Hewitt’s Audrey Hepburn in an ABC biopic this fall and Lillard’s role in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming Love’s Labour’s Lost, also from Miramax.