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Getting a piece of the action

Ever wanted to own Mulder’s face? James Bond’s? The Joker? Now you can, thanks to websites like eBay and Yahoo!

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Ever wake up in the middle of the night and feel like your life is missing something? Like Steve McQueen’s Golden Globe award? Or casino chips from a James Bond movie? Luckily, you can find these items — and the closure you seek — at various online auction sites. Places on the Web such as eBay, Yahoo!, and Amazon.com are rife with Hollywood paraphernalia; motivated collectors can find everything from pieces of movie sets to celebrity undergarments. Here’s a sampling of what we found on the virtual block (along with some recent high bids).

Father’s Day ideas
Pamela Anderson Lee’s signed panties ($400 on eBay)
Carroll O’Connor’s In the Heat of the Night shirt (asking $200 minimum bid on eBay)
Fare-collecting machine used on the bus in Speed ($812.02 on eBay)

Chicks will dig it
The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition Humvee (asking $66,800 minimum bid on Amazon.com)
Jumpsuit from Close Encounters of the Third Kind (asking $1,900 minimum bid on eBay)
The Dark Lord Utility Belt for your Darth Vader costume. It will ”adhere to a custom codpiece.” ($220 on eBay)

Bargains galore!
A vial of Melrose Place pool water ($4.99 on eBay)
Elizabeth Berkley’s signed panties ($9.99 on eBay)

Comes with retraining order
Matt Damon’s sweat socks, found on a film set ”with some dirt on them” ($50 on eBay)
Mimi Rogers’ high heels (asking $125 minimum bid on eBay)
Prom dress worn on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch featuring ”a Bewitching smell” ($67 on eBay)

Classier than a velvet Elvis
Portraits of Tom Selleck and Bill Cosby made out of rice straw: Selleck (asking $169 minimum bid on Yahoo!); Cosby (asking $200 minimum bid on Yahoo!)

Hollywood’s pecking order quantified
Al Pacino’s Scarface suit (asking $8,500 minimum bid on eBay)
Brad Pitt’s Kalifornia outfit ($1,326 on eBay)
Matt Dillon’s Wild Things clothes (asking $495 minimum bid on eBay)
Emilio Estevez’s Freejack racing suit ($400 on eBay)
Planet of the Apes chimp jumpsuit ($325 on eBay)

Oddest cottage industry
Life mask of Robert De Niro as Jake LaMotta ($122.50 on eBay)
Life mask of Marlon Brando as Don Corleone ($97.50 on eBay)
Life mask of Sean Connery as James Bond ($76.50 on eBay)
Life mask of Jack Nicholson as the Joker ($75 on eBay)
Life mask of Sylvester Stallone as Rocky ($51 on eBay)
Life mask of David Duchovny as Fox Mulder ($43 on eBay)

”Wow, she’s as beautiful in resin as she is in person!”
Part of a catalog description for eBay item #101742494, a 16-inch-tall hand-painted statue of Christina Applegate; bidding on the figurine recently peaked at $50