May 14, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

Audrey Style

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Pamela Clarke Keogh
Movies, Coffee Table, Biography
We gave it an A

The little black dress. Delicate ballet flats. Crisp white shirts. All elements of the look that made Audrey Hepburn the blueprint for women seeking instant, effortless elegance. But as author Keogh points out, it was the quietly strong-willed person within the clothing that radiated true style. Rail thin (partly due to wartime malnutrition during her childhood) in an era that celebrated voluptuous beauties, Hepburn created a trademark image that is still copied today. But it wasn’t just about fashion: Filled with testimonials by everyone from a star-struck wardrobe assistant to her equally charmed costars (including Gregory Peck and Fred Astaire), Audrey Style maintains that the late actress’ greatest gift was her modest ebullience. Take note, Gwyneth. A

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