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The stars of 'Go' fight for the right to party

Scott Wolf, Desmond Askew, and Timothy Olyphant defend the film’s sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll

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It’s enough to make Tipper Gore break down and weep. The new movie ‘Go’ (now in theaters) works overtime for its R rating, with a flopped drug bust, a brain-frying overdose, three-way sex, plenty of gunplay, and a gaggle of lap-dancing strippers. Though the rave-world grit of “Go” may not go down easily with some viewers, Timothy Olyphant — the ”Scream 2” star who plays an unscrupulous drug dealer in ”Go” — couldn’t care less. ”I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with throwing those images out there,” he says. ”Kids are smart enough to tell the difference between what’s stupid and what isn’t — without us having to teach them a lesson.”

Desmond Askew, who plays a rambunctious grocery-store clerk, doesn’t think that the film promotes wild behavior — even if the main characters seem to get away with some rather dangerous high jinks. ”A bullet through the arm is not ‘no consequences’ to my mind,” says Askew. ”We’re just reflecting what’s already out there, and I think that’s actually a release for people.”

Though a car crash, bullet wounds, and Ecstasy overload are all played for laughs in the film, there’s one subject that the filmmakers treated with utmost respect. They were determined to keep the gay relationship between Jay Mohr and Scott Wolf (”Party of Five”) free of cheesy clichés. ”We wanted to show a real couple, since most of the time you see anything in film or TV that’s not the norm, it’s taken to an extreme stereotype,” says Wolf. ”Being realistic and respectful was the goal.” Well, at least in one or two scenes…