November 20, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

Discovery Inn: The Photographs of Danny Clinch

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We gave it an A-

Music photography is, not surprisingly, a bit like music: Just when you think there’s nothing left to wring out of the same old rock-band cliches, somebody figures out a way to keep things interesting. In this gorgeous collection, Clinch manages to inventively capture overexposed rockers such as Eddie Vedder and the Smashing Pumpkins, making their images seem fresh even though you’ve seen them hundreds of times. Maybe it’s because these arty, unexpected shots are so unlike the pop-star pinups you’re used to. It’s a shame Discovery Inn: The Photographs of Danny Clinch doesn’t include any text, though. Surely there are some great stories behind photos like David Byrne peering out of a trash can and rapper Redman buried up to his neck in a re-creation of Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain cover. A-

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