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Surf Nazis Must Die

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The best thing about this B movie is always going to be its title, but there’s more than a catchy name to this DVD. Along with the tale of surf Nazis taking over a California beach and their comeuppance at the hands of a cigar-chomping big mama (Neely), Surf Nazis Must Die is bursting with extras. There’s a tour of Troma studios, a Troma Intelligence Test (T.I.T.), numerous trailers, outtakes of gnarly surfing scenes from the cutting room floor, public service announcements with naked breasts, and more — all of it funnier and more mockingly self-assured than the movie itself (which has but one or two amusing moments). In classic Roger Corman fashion, many of these extras appear on other Troma DVD releases, such as the just-out Toxic Avenger Part II. The extras: B+