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Springer vs. the WWF

Springer vs. the WWF ?- Is the ”Jerry Springer Show” all that different from pro wrestling?

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Former guests of The Jerry Springer Show have alleged they were told to fake the show’s notorious, obscenity-laden hissy fits and on-air brawls (Springer’s producers have denied it). But judging from the show’s ratings — it’s beating Oprah — Springer fans just keep watching, no matter if it’s Jerry-rigged, thus making Springer’s appeal exactly the same as that of pro wrestling. Some other similarities.


staged fights?

chair-deflecting Klansmen

Let’s get ready to meet our secret guest…

body tattoos


”My Family Locked Me Up” (aired April 25, 1996)

”I’m Seven Months Pregnant and Still Stripping!” (May 12, 1997)

”My Boyfriend Is a Girl” (April 28, 1997)


staged fights

chair-deflecting masked guys

Let’s get ready to meet

Jimmy ”Superfly” Snuka…

body slams


cage matches

Sable vs. Luna, a recent pay-per-view stripping match, featuring two women managers

Chyna, the WWF’s manly (female) bodyguard