April 24, 1998 at 04:00 AM EDT

Species II

Current Status
In Season
Natasha Henstridge, Justin Lazard, Sarah Wynter
Horror, Action Adventure, Sci-fi and Fantasy
We gave it a D+

”You can’t deny there’s some seriously bugged out stuff going on around here!” So says one of the crew of astronauts who’ve returned from man’s treacherous first voyage to Mars — but, despite his claim, there’s very little bugged out stuff going on in Species II. Natasha Henstridge, the lithe Nordic mannequin who starred as the half-human, half-alien erotic predator of 1995’s Species, returns this time as Eve, the earlier character’s clone, a government experiment who, unfortunately, has little to do but sit inside a glassed-in observation lab watching television. She also vibrates in telepathic empathy with Patrick (Justin Lazard), a golden-boy astronaut who took a solo walk on Mars and became infected with alien DNA. The robotic Patrick now skulks around picking up astro-groupies, whom he impregnates with alien fetuses. Species at least had the benefit of Henstridge’s glazed porn-doll perversity, but this time any glimmers of sexual ominousness are buried in a lame, desultory chase plot and in the woefully underimagined special effects. By now, if you’ve seen one set of slimy phallic tentacles shooting out of someone’s back during orgasm, you’ve seen ’em all. D+

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