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''Seinfeld'' brings back bit characters

‘Seinfeld’ brings back bit characters — Expect to see old favorites return for the series’ final episode

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As the final episode of NBC’s Seinfeld fast approaches (May 14, or T minus 40 days), details of the Larry David-penned script are still a bigger secret than who fathered Jodie Foster’s baby. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Fans turning to the so-called real script currently making the rounds on the Internet — in which Jerry and the gang abandon Manhattan for new lives in L.A. — should think again. Representatives for NBC and Castle Rock, Seinfeld‘s production company, have declared the plot a bona fide phony.

But we do know one thing about the season ender: The quippy quartet will be visited by some favorite bit players. According to the actors’ reps, Larry Thomas (the Soup Nazi), Jerry Stiller and Estelle Harris (the Costanzas), Liz Sheridan and Barney Martin (the Seinfelds), and even Frances Bay (the old woman Jerry mugs for a marble rye) have all been slated to appear in the show’s send-off. Meanwhile, several other Seinfeld players were asked to clear their schedules during taping (beginning April 8) — just in case — including Len Lesser (Uncle Leo), Reni Santoni (Poppie), Danny Woodburn (Mickey), and Bryan Cranston (Tim the dentist). Casting directors have even requested that former Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez set time aside, possibly to hock a farewell loogie in Kramer’s direction. Sadly, Mulva (Susan Walters) has yet to be asked to join the party.