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My Heart Will Go On: Remixes and Cover Versions

Pop/Rock Reviews

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Celine Dion’s hit hasn’t just struck a chord with pop fans, but also with musicians looking to make a buck. Dion herself has two remixes tearing up radio. One blends in film dialogue, while the other is an inevitable dance remix: The soaring diva vocals are perfect for house beats, and besides, if it worked for ”Evita,” why not ”Titanic”?

Cover band Deja Vu’s waterlogged take, meanwhile, tanks: While Dion’s original remains pure hokum, these anonymous vocalists make mincemeat out of her melismata.

Worst of all: Kenny G’s stab, which finds his sax clashing with the Celtic instrumentation. Merely repeating the vocal melody line, G’s version veers even closer to Muzak than the original. Both Dion remixes: B-; Deja Vu: C-; Kenny G: F