A.J. Jacobs
March 13, 1998 AT 05:00 AM EST

Enough already about this year’s Oscars. As cutting-edge journalists, we at EW figure it’s never too early to handicap the race for the Academy Awards in 1999. Granted, we’ve got only two months of films to evaluate (and the studios often dump their Grade Z fare early in the year). But heck, let’s give it a shot:

BEST ACTRESS: There are five nomination slots and five Spice Girls. Coincidence? We think not. On the other hand, the miniskirted Spice World stars could split the vote, meaning Mira Sorvino had better clear another space on the mantel! Her searing turn in The Replacement Killers won’t soon be forgotten.

BEST ACTOR: Oscar loves a good disability, which means SenselessMarlon Wayans has an early leg up: He’s alternately blind, deaf, and dumb. Mark our words — a year from now, pundits will be comparing Senseless to My Left Foot.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: This year, Titanic‘s Gloria Stuart got the sentimental Woman of a Certain Age nod. Next year’s front-runner: Ellen Albertini Dow, the rappin’ granny from The Wedding Singer.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Sure, Dan Aykroyd and John Goodman hogged the spotlight. But the smart critical buzz focuses on Blues Brothers 2000‘s other shady character — the wryly understated Joe Morton.

BEST PICTURE: Will the Academy fall for the wrenching culture clash in Krippendorf’s Tribe? Or will it stay its ocean-loving course and give a nod to octopus thriller Deep Rising? It’s Good Will Hunting vs. Titanic all over again.

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