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I Think I'm Outta Here: A Memoir of All My Families

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I Think I'm Outta Here: A Memoir of All My Families

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Carroll O'Connor
Television, Memoir

We gave it a D-

In this sometimes poignant, always frustrating, remarkably badly written memoir, the actor most famous as Archie Bunker rambles on about everything from World War II to James Joyce’s Ulysses, offers tirades about the “vileness of the press” (he’s received some bad reviews in his day), and tosses in smug apercus such as “professional acting is a harmless compulsion gone haywire.” All in the Family isn’t discussed until almost halfway through the book. He claims his subsequent series, In the Heat of the Night, was good only when he took command of its writing and producing. (One interesting anecdote: O’Connor claims the producers wanted not Howard Rollins but O.J. Simpson for the Sidney Poitier role.) The drug-related suicide in 1995 of the author’s son, Hugh, provides a lengthy but, sad to report, banally rendered coda. Writing I Think I’m Outta Here: A Memoir of All My Families was apparently a harmless compulsion gone haywire. D-