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James at 15 vs. Dawson's Creek

James at 15 vs. Dawson’s Creek

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All this fuss about the WB’s Dawson’s Creek gave us deja vu. Where else have we seen a randy young man and his impossibly articulate friends exploring the angst-filled vagaries of pubescence? Then it hit us: Dawson’s Creek was merely an update of James at 15, NBC’s seminal late-’70s teen drama. To wit:

James at 15

Title Character
15-year-old James Hunter (Lance Kerwin), an aspiring photographer. (And he’s a virgin!)

The Boston area

Best Friends
Plain-Jane brunet Marlene (Susan Myers) and mouthy wisecracker Sly (Ludwig Hazeltine)

Romantic Interest
Sexy blond out-of-towner Christina (Kirsten Baker)

Series Creator
Hot auteur Dan Wakefield, who gained fame writing novels (Starting Over)

Series Lifespan
Premiered Oct. 27, 1977, and ended July 27, 1978

Dawson’s Creek

[Title Character]
15-year-old Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek), an aspiring filmmaker. (And he’s a virgin!)

The Boston area

[Best Friends]
Plain-Jane brunet Joey (Katie Holmes) and mouthy wisecracker Pacey (Joshua Jackson)

[Romantic Interest]
Sexy blond out-of-towner Jen (Michelle Williams)

[Series Creator]
Hot auteur Kevin Williamson, who gained fame writing features (Scream)

[Series Lifespam]
Premiered Jan. 20, 1998, and ended…