January 23, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

MONDAY January 19

8-9PM* ANTIQUES ROADSHOW (PBS) The collectible-crazy series goes treasure hunting at New Jersey’s Meadowlands Exposition Center. *CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS

8:30-9PM EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND (CBS, TV-PG-L) More oedipal agita, as Ray’s preference for his mom’s cooking makes Debra jealous and Marie feel used.

9-10PM BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (The WB, TV-PG-DSV) Spike and Drusilla return to slay the slayer, who in turn develops a new closeness with Angel. (Concludes Jan. 20.) 9-10PM

ALLY MCBEAL (Fox, TV-14-DSV) Fish sics Ally and John ”The Biscuit” Cage on a wrongful- death case he expects will be a cash cow.

SEASON PREMIERE 10-10:30PM ROAD RULES (MTV, TV-PG) Another band of slackers-cum-sleuths hits the highway in the sixth verite adventure.

D IS FOR DUNST 9-11PM FIFTEEN AND PREGNANT (Lifetime, TV-14) Labor pains, indeed: Watching this TV movie, in which a girl (Kirsten Dunst, above) gets pregnant by her loser boyfriend, is an arduous task. Not only is the plot cliched (teen sleeps with guy out of fear of losing him, said guy splits after he learns that she’s expecting), but Dunst comes off grating and unsympathetic. D — Shawna Malcom

10-11PM THE PRACTICE (ABC, TV-PG) Jimmy strives to ascend from ambulance-chasing grunt to polished litigator when his class-action cancer case finally goes to trial.

TUESDAY January 20

NEW NIGHT 8-9PM BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (The WB, TV-PG) ”It’s a good match with Dawson’s [Creek], so I’m pretty cranked,” says creator Joss Whedon of Buffy’s (starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz, above) move to Tuesdays. ”I think Ms. McBeal was becoming a bit of a problem.” Vowing that, content-wise, ”it’s not going to devolve into an 8 o’clock show,” he adds: ”It’s an honor that they’re building a night around it. I want to be the anchor show…as long as the ship don’t drift.”

8:30-9PM NEWSRADIO (NBC, TV-PG) Lisa’s stormy reign continues, as she punishes Bill by promoting him to news director only to see him ace the job. Joe, meanwhile, goes on strike.

9-9:30PM FRASIER (NBC, TV-PG) Bad-pun alert: Fra- sier’s new agent tries to up his client’s profile by getting the Seattle Zoo to name a crane after him.

9-10PM MICHAEL HAYES (CBS, TV-PG-L) An executive on the hook for toxic- waste dumping tries to get off by offering Hayes an even bigger fish.

9-10PM* FRONTLINE (PBS) The docu-mag looks at the statistics, symptomatology, and (natch) politics behind Gulf War syndrome. *CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS

WEDNESDAY January 21

DOCTOR DICK 8-9PM STAR TREK: VOYAGER (UPN, TV-PG) ”As a serious actor, I felt it was time to sharpen my claws or cut my teeth on something new, like the whole Star Trek genre,” says guest star Andy Dick (below right with Robert Picardo). He plays a physician, in holograph form, discovered by the Doctor (Picardo) on an experimental prototype starfleet vessel from the future. ”FYI,” explains the NewsRadio funnyman, ”I did not actually have to wear any claws or weird teeth.” Uh, yeah, we gotcha….

8-8:30PM SPIN CITY (ABC) Winston gets some advice on writing his autobiography from a New Yorker who knows a little about self-centered screeds, guest star Donald Trump.

8:30-9PM MURPHY BROWN (CBS) Everybody Loves Raymond’s Brad Garrett guest-stars as the gung-ho flatfoot giving Frank hell on a stakeout.

10-11PM LAW & ORDER (NBC, TV-PG) Briscoe and Curtis wonder why an apparently reputable forensic expert is being stalked, till they discover the corpse-carving doc is no Quincy.

SEASON PREMIERE 10-11PM BABYLON 5 (TNT, TV-PG) Tracy Scoggins debuts as Capt. Lochley, as Alliance president-to-be Sheridan is under a death threat.

10-11PM CHICAGO HOPE (CBS, TV-PG) The gimmick-happy hospital drama pays homage to Hitchcock in vignettes recalling Rear Window, The Birds, and Psycho. THURSDAY January 22

9-10PM NEW YORK UNDERCOVER (Fox, TV-PG-L) The Mod Squad-meets- Mission: Impossible squad tangles with a drug dealer cloaked in diplomatic immunity.

10-11PM THE UNEXPLAINED (A&E, TV-G) Talk about your pyramid schemes: ”The Curse of King Tut” probes the rash of tragedies that have followed the opening of the monarch’s tomb.

10-11PM TRUE OR FALSE: TEENAGERS MEAN TROUBLE (CBS) Don’t worry; the ”Class of 2000” segment — about the teens in a Tennessee garage band — isn’t as apocalyptic as its title suggests.

CLASSIC EPISODE 10-11PM ER (NBC, TV-14) A stellar rerun from last season: Trainspotting’s Ewan McGregor plays a thug who takes a convenience store full of patrons (including Hathaway) hostage after a train robbery attempt goes awry. (R)

4077TH HEAVEN 9-10PM DIAGNOSIS MURDER (CBS, TV-PG-V) Whether you like or loathe the ”Prescription, He Wrote” mystery series, you’ve really got to admire the ingenuity of its producers in coming up with attention-getting guest ensembles. Seeing as we are suckers for a good stunt casting, we thought we’d give this week’s M*A*S*H-themed collective a shout-out. Alumni from both the Oscar-nominated feature film (Elliott Gould, Sally Kellerman) and the Emmy-dominating sitcom incarnation (Loretta Swit, Jamie Farr, William Christopher) show up, as Sloan (Dick Van Dyke, above with Kellerman) investigates the murder of a nursing administrator during a routine safety drill.

FRIDAY January 23

7PM SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL FREE PREVIEW WEEKEND (Sundance Channel) Welcome to the Dollhouse (1996), Big Night (1996), and The Spitfire Grill (1996) are among the films available gratis from the indie-friendly cable outlet. (Airs through Jan. 25.)

9-10PM MILLENNIUM (Fox, TV-PG-V) Q: How do you make Lance Henriksen’s Frank Black even colder than usual? A: Send him to Alaska in search of a missing teenager.

POINT TAKEN 9-11PM HELLRAISER (Sci-Fi Channel, TV-14) Doug Bradley’s Pinhead (above) looks like we feel as we slog ahead into the last week of winter’s most cruelly fallow programming month. What an unexpected pleasure, then, to see Sci-Fi resurrecting Clive Barker’s chilling 1987 horror flick. Beautiful in its own way yet still not for the faint of heart, it charts the gruesome chain of events that results when a man unlocks the mystical, soul-stealing secret inside an ancient cube. Be sure you’re done with dinner by show time.

11:30PM-MIDNIGHT DENNIS MILLER LIVE (HBO, TV-MA) Mr. Smarm brings his acidic insights to bear on the world of rock & roll, with a little help from metal-head maniac Ozzy Osbourne.

SATURDAY January 24

CABLE PREMIERE 9-11:15PM THE PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT (HBO, R) Mixed critical opinion aside, Milos Forman’s 1996 biopic of the Hustler publisher (starring Oscar nominee Woody Harrelson, below) was provocative on any number of levels: as a star-making vehicle for costar Courtney Love, a career-gilding role for Edward Norton, and a catalyst for myriad contentious debates. Primary among these was, What is this flick anyway, a colorful First Amendment drama or the glorification of a misogynist smut peddler? So pop that corn, grab that remote, invite over your closest pornaholic friend and NOW member, and let the sparks fly!

8PM-MIDNIGHT TOM VS. JERRY MARATHON (Cartoon Network, TV-G) Twenty-four bludgeoning, impaling, electrocuting rounds of TV’s quintessential cat-and-mouse game.

8-9PM NOTHING SACRED (ABC, TV-14) Bummed by the death of fellow nun Sebastian and staff turmoil at St. Thomas, Sister Maureen ponders kicking the habit.

SUNDAY January 25

FOURTH TIME’S THE CHARM? 6PM SUPER BOWL XXXII (NBC) Call him the Susan Lucci of professional football. Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway (above) has made it to the big game three times, only to walk away empty-handed. His Job-like struggle should make for a dramatic subplot. On the other hand, if the tendency of Super Bowls to be laugh-riot routs and the double-digit point spread favoring the Green Bay Packers mean anything, announcers Dick Enberg, Paul Maguire, and Phil Simms have their work cut out for them trying to arouse a sense of frisson about the proceedings, live from San Diego.

10:30AM-2:35AM THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW MARATHON (TBS, TV-G) Who knows whether Turner sees 16-plus hours of the chicken-fried ’60s sitcom as effective Super Bowl counterprogramming or a hands-up surrender to the gridiron behemoth? In any case, it’s worth checking in on during some of the more cringe-worthy pre- and postgame hoopla.

3:15-7PM MIKE NICHOLS DOUBLE FEATURE (The Movie Channel) The two jewels in the comic-turned-auteur’s crown are spotlighted, as Robin Williams and Nathan Lane star in The Birdcage (1996), followed by Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate (1967).

9-10PM THE X-FILES (Fox, TV-14) It’s murder in the academy, as a pair of unscrupulous physics braniacs discover a way to manipulate time as well as dispose of those who’d uncover their shady research. (R)

10-11PM FACE TO FACE (Ovation, TV-PG) The arts network throws a tasty bone to the highbrow set as Jeremy Isaacs interviews Irish novelist Roddy Doyle (Paddy Clarke, Ha Ha Ha).

NEVER ON SUNDAY? 11:35PM-12:35AM THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO (NBC, TV-14) Aiming to keep its Nielsen momentum going on this quasi-holiday night, NBC enlists Jay for a Super Sunday airing that includes a postgame wrap-up (with Richard Simmons and Bob Costas reporting from San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium) and an eclectic in-studio lineup featuring Jenny McCarthy, San Diego Zoo standby Joan Embery, and country-music hottie Shania Twain.

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