Troy Patterson
January 23, 1998 at 05:00 AM EST

There is little to like in NOTHING TO LOSE (1997, Touchstone, R, $106.99), a loose, broad buddy movie about a carjacker (Martin Lawrence, quite convincing as a gun-waving nut) abducted by his would-be victim (Tim Robbins). But there is one scene to love: Robbins — confused, despondent, drinking alone at a hotel bar — bumps into the object of a standing flirtation, a tasty young thing (Noxzema Girl Rebecca Gayheart) with a room upstairs. They flirt; they kiss. Cut. Bursting into the elevator in Fatal Attraction form, they start into a hot, sloppy make-out. As buttons pop, the camera slides back to catch the full erotic frenzy and discovers a little old lady (Selma Stern), mutely offended, wholly embarrassed, gently cowering in the corner. Ding — exhibitionists exeunt; Granny sighs relief.

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